How did the Five Island Endurance Challenge begin?
I was with a tour group in China to run the Great Wall Marathon. Several of us were close to completing marathons on seven continents. The question arose, “What’s next?” Other friends, who were completing the six world major marathon, were being asked the same question. We decided that we wanted a series of scenic, international races, which were

  • Less crowded
  • Closer to home for quick get-aways
  • Less expensive than flying across the Atlantic or Pacific
  • Fun and festive
  • Close to a beach!!!! (There's nothing like a cold dip after a race.)

After talking with other international runners, we selected five island events.

Great Wall of China Marathon
What is the Five Island Endurance Challenge?
The Five Island Endurance Challenge sponsored by the Atlanta Life Insurance Company consists of running either a marathon or half marathon at these five events. This race series began in 2019 with these events.

I noticed that the races are on either the first weekend in December or the MLK Jr. weekend in January. How can I run all five events?
Take several years to complete the challenge!!!! Remember, this is a laid back challenge. No rush. No hurry.
Do I have to run the same race distance at each event?
No. You may run mix up the distances. You may run a marathon at some events and half marathons at other events. We wanted to make this challenge fun and flexible. Two different medals will be presented. The marathon medal is awarded for completing marathons on all five islands. The half marathon medal is awarded for completing any combination of marathons and half marathons, with at least one half marathon, on the five islands.

How do I join the Five Island Challenge - Marathon and Half Marathon?
Click here to become a member or go to the "Register Claim" page. We accept most debit/credit cards. Try to register for the challenge membership and all of the races using the same name and email address. This makes it easier to verify your results. The seller/vendor name on your debit/credit card statement will be the CES Corp.

What do I get when I become a member?
You’ll receive emails about travel specials to the islands, race discount codes, alerts about registration price increases, and special event informtation. Also, "like" our Facebook page (fiveislandchallenge) and follow us on Instagram (#fiveislandchallenge) for more up to the minute news.

Is the a time limit for finishing the series of races?

Is there a minimum age for the challenge?
Yes. You must be 18 years old or over.

How do I register for each of the races?
You must visit their website to register for the race. (Don't forget to use your discount codes.) Click here to learn about each race and their dates.

After I finished the race, how do I claim it?

When should I claim my race?
You should claim your race within six months after it was completed. (Don't worry, we'll email reminders after each race.)
How do I receive the Five Island Endurance Challenge finishers medal at my final race?
If you notify us at least 45 days before your final race, we will ship your medal to the race destination. It will be presented to you after the race by an event official. If you don't notify us before the 45-day cut off, the medal will be shipped to your home. BTW - You must have paid the one-time, Five Island Endurance Challenge registration fee before the items are shipped. Marathoners will receive the special Starfish Marathon Challenge medal.

How may I claim a race that I ran before the Five Island Endurance Challenge started in 2019?